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Door operators undergo more wear and tear in daily elevator use than any other component. Every time the elevator stops or starts the door operator must work at least two times (more frequently if occupants manually hold the doors open). If you find that your service calls are increasing, a door operator upgrade may be all you need. This upgrade is simple and requires minimal downtime of your elevator. With a new door operator you will notice reduced calls and increase in performance and perception of the quality of your elevator and building.Double-click here to edit the text.
Door Operators
Fixtures along with cab interiors are the things that clients can see and touch to give them an impression on the elevator and your building. A simple fixture upgrades improves performance reliability and the cosmetics of your elevator. With new LED lights the nuisance of burnt out bulbs is gone. Also new fixtures can be installed to meet current handicap codes to improve your buildings accessibility as well as safety.
Fixture Upgrades
Older elevators are equipped with mechanical safety shoes that must come in contact with an object before the elevator door will reopen. Since elevator doors are heavy and the elevator door operators are set to close with a certain amount of torque the possibility of an injury from the door striking a young or elderly person is great. To eliminate this safety hazard a simple upgrade to a light curtain safety edge offers a means of detecting a presence in the door path without actual contact. The light rays also detect if there is an object in the path and will hold the doors fully open while passenger enter or exit the elevator.Double-click here to edit the text.